Easy Weekly Payments

Leasing Available Across The Store

We understand that buying a commercial dishwasher or glasswasher can be one of the most expensive items in your kitchen or behind your bar. That's why we now offer, with every commercial dishwasher & glasswasher the option to purchase it on lease with easy weekly payments. Commercial dishwasher leasing enables you to get essential equipment without paying a premium price upfront. Our commercial dishwasher leasing system is quick and easy and fantastic value for money compared to rental or hire solutions.


Why Choose Weekly Payments?

• Significantly reducing your outgoings compared to renting a machine or hiring a machine with leasing
• Ensures you get the glasswasher or commercial dishwasher you need right now
• Commercial disg washer leasing ensures your not left without when machines break down
• Your business pays less tax as rentals are fully allowable against tax, where as a purchase may not be
• Lease Payments are spread throughout a given time period
• Leasing payment plans are flexible & tailored to your cash flow allowing you to manage your budget in an efficient manner
• Bridges the gap between what you need and what you can afford
• Existing lines of credit are unaffected by leasing allowing you to invest money elsewhere
• You can upgrade your assets or add other assets to the lease at any point during the period
• During leasing application there is an option for funding not to be disclosed on your balance sheet
• You pay VAT on each payment rather than the entire purchase


Payment Calculator

Use our  leasing calculator to find out how much what you want to purchase will cost you on our easy payment plan.


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